Hooked by Nir Eyal offers a very interesting model on how to hook consumers to a product by diving into what triggers them to use the product, what makes them keep coming back and inculcate the product into their lives as a habit.

Not only that but the book also…

src : https://www.feedough.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/new-product-development.webp

Building a new product can be confusing with a lot of uncertainty considering the different processes involved. This may lead to an inefficient product development process which might in turn also affect the product.

New Product Development Process is a process to convert an idea into a workable software product…

img src:https://static.javatpoint.com/springboot/images/spring-boot-jpa3.png

JPA(Java Persistance API) — JPA is a specification of Java which is used to map Java objects to a relational database, acting as a bridge between the two. It doesn’t perform operations on its own but requires implementation with ORM tools like Hibernate.

Object relational mapping (ORM) is the mapping…

In the previous part i.e. Creating Spring Boot CRUD Rest APIs with Data JPA and JDBC — Part 1 , we implemented REST APIs for CRUD operations using Data JPA. In this part, we will be implementing the same functionalities using JDBC.

Technology Stack

Spring boot framework

Maven 3.6.3

MySQL 8.0.19

Setting up the Project and Database


Spring Boot is a highly used and popular framework in Java which is easy to start with and understand as well. …

A brief guide to understand the WHAT’S of SPRING

source: https://spring.io/

Spring framework is a lightweight yet powerful Java framework which is used for application development. It provides support for developing Java applications and handles the infrastructure configuration, letting the developer focus on business logic (What more could a developer want, right?).

Anvi Puri

Trying to look look at products through the lenses of a Software Developer, interested UX Researcher and an aspiring PM :)

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